Chat With Random Strangers

The Pokiecam Chat with Random Strangers application allows you to chat with people from all over the world. You can share live Video, Audio and Text durring your chats. After starting a chat, you will be connected with other Pokiecam users in random order.

Pokiecam aims entertain you and provide you with a way making new friends. Chatting with random strangers using your webcam and micorphone is a great way to meet and connect new people. If you start chatting now you never know who you will connect with.

All of your chat data is encrypted and secured so you can remain as anonymous as you would like. However, the video, audio, and text that you publish will potentially be seen by other random strangers. Please remember you are sharing with others and use good judgement. In addition, please be kind to others on the site. Sure, this is the internet but you can still be nice. Now that you have the gist of what is going on here, start chatting, Have lots of fun, and return to Pokiecam anytime you feel like chatting!

How to Use Pokiecam

Starting a Chat

Start a private chat room with a random stranger by clicking on the Start chat button. After clicking the start button you will be connected to a random stranger. You can move on to another random stanger by clicking on the Next chat button which will stop the current chat and select another random pokiecam user.

Sending a Message

After starting, you may want to send a text based message to the stranger you are chatting with. In the chat message box, type your message. Hitting the 'enter' key on your keyboard or clicking the send chat message button will send the message you have entered, both you and the other user will see it. You can input a newline in the message box by holding down the 'shift' key while pressing the 'enter' key. Toggling chat options take effect durring your chat. For instance, you can turn your webcam on and off durring your chats.

Stopping a Chat

While chatting, the Stop button is shown. Clicking the Stop button button will disconnect the current chat. After the chat has stoppped, You will be able to press the Start button to resume chatting.

Proceeding to the Next Chat

While chatting with a random stranger you can click the Next button to end the current chat and start chatting with another random stranger. The search proccess will begin and Pokiecam will try to match you with a nother user based on your chat preferences.

Chat options

You can modify several options about your chat by clicking the Options button to display the Chat Options menu. You can modify the following options:

  • Audio / Video Playback

    Completely enable or disable audio and video for your chats. When disabled, you will not broadcast or receive any multimedia content (video or audio) and your chat's will be text only. This option overrides the Camera and Microphone options. Enable this option to view the person you are chatting with's webcam and hear thier microphone.

  • Camera

    Enable or disable your devices Camera or Webcam device. This allows you to share live video with the other people you chat with.

  • Microphone

    Enable or disable your devices Microphone. This allows you to share live audio with the random strangers you chat with.

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