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Pokiecam launched just over one month ago. Since then, I've been working to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for everyone visiting the site. For anyone who has used the site for random chat and especially those who returned again, a huge thanks goes out to you. It has been is encouraging to see an up-tic in usage of Pokiecam's stranger chat.

Random Chat! What is Pokiecam thinking?

Websites come and go on the internet all the time. Many chat sites exists that are barely used. This site will not be one of those. Pokiecam will sooner disappear than become a wast land of un-used internet space. In order to prevent the demise of Pokiecam I intend focus on the chat technology and make user experience the highest possible quality. The goal is for chat to work for users in any part of the world and on any web enabled device. There are some very good random chat sites existence today. Some of these sites have operated for years already and have strong user bases. I think there's room for another high quality random chat site on the internet. I hope Pokiecam will one day join the ranks of one of these great sites. If all goes well, Pokiecam will end up being more than just a random stranger chat site. For now though, random roulette style chat the focus. So if you're reading and like random chat, I invite you to check in on the site once in a while and see how things are going.

The Future of Pokiecam

The outlook for Pokiecam is bright? There has been a fairly steady increase of visits to the site. More and more random strangers are getting connected and chatting. At least some users are returning and chats are taking place. So there are a few positive indicators and that is motivating. However, Pokiecam is not venture backed. I have extremely limited resources, so each decision matters. So far, I have had limited ways to receive feedback, so there are things I am unsure of. So, I am actively working ways to receive feedback about problems and stay in touch with users.

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