Pokiecam Stranger Chat Goes Social

Site News

I have just finished up some changes that make Pokiecam random chat a bit more social. These changes add share and like buttons for Twitter and Facebook to all pages of the site. Hopefully users will share Pokiecam with their friends! In addition to the share buttons found on each page, you will now see links to Pokiecam's social profiles on the contact page. Having these social links on the stranger chat app makes it easier for people to find us. Users are welcome to contact Pokiecam via this site or our Twitter and Facebook pages. These are only a few improvements I've been making to the random chat app. However, they are the only notable public facing ones I have to write about at this time. Everything else has been focused on gathering metrics and analytics to better plan future releases, adding testing, and looking into how to integrate new features with existing ones. There is a lot cooking in development at this point so I hope to be sharing more soon. In other news, we continue to see more users visiting the site and using stranger chat. Maybe this is in part to the fact that the good folks at Mogul have written a blog post about Pokiecam. A big thank you goes out to any supports of Pokiecam. It is encouraging to see users appreciate this little community.

User feedback makes Pokiecam better. Please remember to report problems with stranger chat and contact us with any feedback you have. I hope this news finds everyone reading it heathy and prosperous. Until next time, happy random chatting!

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